• Stringer Survey

    Stringer Survey offers a suite of products to deliver premium topographical 'field to finish' survey, deliver as built' data to local government asset data to ASpec requirements, and enumerate and lodge digital title plans to EPlan requirements, all inside your drawing.

  • Experience the Power of Stringer Survey

    Stringer Survey offers a suite of survey industry tools, from field-to-finish topographical surveys (Stringer Topo) through to as-built data lodgement (Stringer ASpec) and electronic land titles lodgement (Stringer Eplan).

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  • Multiple Platform Support

    Stringer Topo, Stringer ASpec and Stringer Eplan are available on AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Map 3D and BricsCAD.

    Get the latest commercial version of the software on your selected CAD platform including 12 months access to support, software upgrades and webinar recordings.

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  • Stringer Survey Delivers

    Stringer Survey turns your current CAD platform into a low cost, comprehensive survey package.

    Deliver topographical surveys including COGO points, surface and breaklines, directly from your field survey data. Deliver as-built documentation to ASpec requirements and lodge land title plans electronically in Australia. All on your current CAD platform.

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