Adding COGO points to an Alignment


Once you have created an alignment and you want to add points to that alignment, there are 2 options you can use to automate this process and they are

  • Automatic – this is so you can use the Raw Description code from the Description Key Set and a normal point will be added to the drawing.
  • Automatic Object – this will add the name of the Alignment with the chainage to the point but you can’t have the Raw Description showing with the chainage.

When you want to automatically create alot of points, you use the Options in the double arrows on the Points Toolbar to show these as shown below.


Once you have this set depending on what you are adding the Points to, in this case the Alignment, we will use the Automatic – Object.

It will label the points when added using either the

  • Measure Alignment (any chainage any offest) function
  • At Geometry Points function.

This will then add points into the drawing on the alignment with the Alignment Name and the chainage of where it was added. If you want to change the CL-Road to something else you need to change the Alignment Name in the prospector shown in the pic below.


If you dont need the Alignment name and chainage on your points added, then just use the Prompt for Description as Automatic which will add a point to the drawing using the Description Key Codes you have set. The both of them can’t be combined.