Arc to Chord Truncation

If you Have Stringer Topo installed and you want to turn arcs into chords , Stringer Topo has a great function in Stringer Extras that will allow you to truncate the Arc/Lines into chords at a distance or evenly set amount of chords required. Good for Subdivisons where arcs aren’t required and a set amount of chords are.

Below is how to get it to work

Type TRUN in the command line

Then select the 2 lines you want
Then select T for Truncation in the command line
What are the lengths on the Truncation you require – lets say 4m
It will then do a radius of 4m between the 2 lines
Then when it says Enter A to specify Chord Deflection – type 4 in the command line
This has now added 4 chords for that arc in the drawing.

Have a go and see what you get.