Deleting Stringer ePlan Points

Deleting Points from the drawing

  • Delete point – when you delete a point in the drawing you need to remove the segment that goes with it as the points are made when enumerating a Parcel or Enumerating a Segment. Once it has been enumerated you need to delete both lines either side of the deleted point.
  • Deleting Stringer ePlan Parcel Lines – If you need to change a boundary delete the points that aren’t required and pick one of the Boundary strings that stringer ePlan added to the drawing and do a select similar and delete ALL the boundary lines. This will ensure no error below. Upon export all the boundary lines will get added back into the drawing.
  • Once you have done that you will stop getting “A Point (286) has been erased which is needed for a segment to Point 289 etc.