Enumerate Parcels- Segment Purpose Highlight

Segment is highlighted in drawing

When enumerating a Segment within a parcel you need to know what the Purpose is for each segment. 

In Victoria the Purpose in a parcel is mostly set to normal, but in NSW each individual purpose needs to be defined with either a Boundary, Connection, Reference or Road. 

So what we have done, is made it so when you highlight the segment in the form it will highlight in the drawing for you with a lineweight showing where that segment is. The new part that has been added is if you select more than one (either by holding control down for individual random segments or shift to select all in a row, all those segments will be highlighted in the drawing making the purpose selection that much easier.

Here is an example of what is happening when a single segmentis selected below

Parcels Single SegmentHighlight

Here is what it looks like when you select more that 1 segment at a time in the drawing

Parcels Multiple SegmentHighlight

To make sure you can get the lineweight to show as above, go to the 3 lines in the bottom right hand corner of your Software (Civil3D/AutoCAD users) and tick on lineweight in the list. The make sure the lineweight is actually turned on and then the highlighted segments in the parcels will look like the above pictures.

BricsCAD users just need to turn the lineweight on down the bottom where all the other ESnap etc functions are.