ePlan for CAD – Quick Easy and Efficient

Convert your CAD drawing into a digital ePlan for Lodgement

With Stringer ePlan, you can convert your drawing objects into enumerated survey data for upload to the land titles office for digital title plan lodgement.

Stringer ePlan supports direct digital plan lodgement to all state land title authorities supporting ePlan and has the tools to rapidly enumerate small, medium and large subdivisions for upload.

Enumeration of your parcels, points, monuments and segments automatically applies fields applicable to your state jurisdiction.

Stringer ePlan

Stringer ePlan operates on AutoCAD, AutoCAD Map 3D, AutoCAD Civil 3D and BricsCAD.

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Here’s how Stringer ePlan can beneft you:
– Deliver ePlan compliant fles directly from your existng CAD engine, using objects in your drawing
– Supports all jurisdictonal schemas
– Simple to use and easy to check what has been enumerated
– Click button ePlan XML creation

ePlan Enumeration Made Easy

Save time and make better use of your existing CAD investment by enabling enumeration of your drawing data directly into an ePlan compliant output.
Stringer ePlan works directly inside your CAD drawing, allowing you to set up the project information including surveyor and survey purpose, add annotations and multi parcels, enumerate parcels and points, enumerate segments, review and output to XML.


In the drawing, any closed polyline can be converted into a parcel at the click of a button and be assigned the information required. When a parcel is selected for editing, each segment of the parcel can be attributed with the segment purpose, intent, actual and assigned bearing/distance.

COGO point creation is automated on the parcel segments, and can be selected and enumerated.

Convert your polylines and lines into enumerated segments including COGO point and monument creation at the vertices.

Dedicated tools enable addition of annotations for the title sheet and enumeration of easements that may span multiple parcels.
Importantly, all parcels and monuments can be listed for review before uploading, and you can pick what gets uploaded from the drawing.
Once the data is created, attributed and ready for sending, just click on Export ePlan to generate an ePlan compliant LandXML file for submission to your titles office.

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