Exporting/Importing Description Key Set Codes (DKS)


This is done so we can add all the codes created in the Toolspace>Point >Description Key Sets to the Jiggers/Controllers which will match when exporting field data.

To get this quickly and easily we need to follow the followoing below

  1. If you open the Description Key Set (DKS) Toolspace>Point >Description Key Sets and click on a code, it will then highlight blue for you.
  2. Hold control down and press A and then all the codes will be highlighted in the DKS, right click and go copy to clipboard.
  3. Once you have copied to clipboard, open Excel and paste the contents of the DKS into excel.
  4. You will now have all the codes with the format descriptions showing in excel.

Delete Columns
B – Style
C – Point Label Style

5. Leave D or E depending on which one you want

6. Then delete the rest of them F-O

7. Save this excel spreadsheet twice, once for the list of Codes with Descriptions and once for the Code List to be rearranged to suit the field card.

Have a go at this and see how you go.

Click on the Before link to see an example of the file added before editing

Click on the After link to see an example of the file added after editing


The OUT Sample file is used to bring large amounts of Survey Field codes into the Description Key Set (DKS). This will save you heaps of time. Imagine having to type each individual code into the DKS 1 code at a time. It will bring in the Code and the Format. The format is the description of the code being used.

To get the OUT file into the Description Key Set (DKS), in the command line type STR, then click on the Transfer Tab. Once you have clicked on the Transfer Tab, you will need to click on the Convert CivilCAD Correlation (OUT File).

Dont worry about the layers as you can mass edit them later in the DKS. Find the OUT file you have created and insert it. It will then come in with a new CC_Stringer in the DKS. This is the DKS file you need to edit. The Validate codes display form will show you if the codes have been correctly edited in the OUT file before bring it in.

Keep doing this until you get the Codes and the format to show what you want them to be.

The sample OUT file Before it has been edited

The sample OUT File After it has been edited

Sample Field Feature Code List