Leica Captivate XML import with Stringer Topo

Leica have brought out a new Total Station called Leica Captivate which doesn’t use Format files (.FRT) anymore.

 If you were using a Leica 1200 or a Leica Vivia machine and you had Stringer Topo you had to add an FRT file to the handheld and when you went to export out the survey data from those jiggers you would get an RW5 file that was compatible with Stringer Topo to reduce your data straight into the platform you were on.

(AutoCAD Civil3D 2016 & 2017, AutoCAD 2016 & 2017, BricsCAD V16)

The new Leica Captivates use an XML file exported out of those Total Stations.

Stringer Survey have gone and written a new importer for the XML file so it can be read into the abovemmentioned packages with Strigner Topo.

We have made it so you don’t have to do anything to the original XML file, just export it off the Total Station and then read it into Stringer Topo.

As Stringer Connect is having a make over, we haven’t made a new icon for it at this stage

In the command line type in STR_IMPORT_SURVEY_XML

This will allow you to search for the XML file that you have saved on the PC for the XML file required. Once you have selected the file you will get a new form displaying the Co-ordinates as shown below


 If you click on the Observations tab you can see the raw survey data if needed.


Once you click on the Insert Points button, it will save the XML as an RW5 just like the other formats in Stringer Topo. If you want to use the RW5 to do the same edits as before in Stringer Connect you can use that file format just saved.

When it is added to the drawing, you will get the Points along with the linework that was showing on the Leica Captivate before import. This linework will be on a layer called Survey_Linework_XML. I have only been using this lineowrk to make sure the Handheld is the same as the Strings when joined with Join All Codes by Stringer Topo. When Join All Codes is clicked on it will get the linework as per pick up as usual. Remember, if .Parameters have been added then it will look a little different but the majority of the survey should match.

Now we, as in C R Kennedy and Stringer Survey, can be confident that the new XML files from the Leica Captivate can be imported easily into our software.

If you need to know anything else, please don’t heistate in contacting us by adding in a ticket through Tech Support