Lot Area Table – Range colours

An example of a Lot Area Table created by Lot Utilities:

In order to create Lot Area tables there are some required processes and setup required.

About Table Styles and Layers

The Lot Area Table command does not create new layers in the drawing or create an AutoCAD Table Style.  When you create the Lot Area Table, you need to ensure that what is shown in the pick list for Layer and for the Table Style are already in the drawing.

One simple way to make sure of this is to copy a representative table from a finished drawing and paste it into your current drawing. Here is a sample drawing for this purpose: Lot Area Table 

Once you have the Table in the drawing you are working in, you can now go and set your ranges in the Lot Area Table form.

You must make sure that the layer you have listed exists in the drawing – using layer 0 is a good way to ensure that the layer exists.

Lot Table Inputs

This is what the form looks like where you can fill out the ranges.

If you click on the Save Ranges button, it will save the ranges you have added to a file with .range as the extension. (make sure you know where you saved it) 

Manually Editing Lot Areas and Assigning Colours

If you find that adding areas, or setting colours, are not being saved when you click on Save Ranges then you can edit the colours (and area ranges) file manually.  Normally you can set up the area ranges using the form and save – you might just need to set the colours manually by editing the save file.

You can find the save location of the file (it has extension .range) when you click on the Save Ranges button.  If you open the .ranges file in Notepad it looks as follows (you can use this example .Range file as a base for setting up your colour ranges):

The image above describes you how to manually edit the file (.range) to set your colours for each of your ranges.  After editing the file and saving, you just click on the Open Ranges button and load in the saved file.

How to work out the Colour (RGB)

The colour information is described using the RGB colour model.  If you want to work out the colours, use the Lot Area table.  Click on the Colur button at the top of the form to see the index colour panel as shown below

Then click on the True Colour Tab and it will show you the RGB colour down the bottom as shown

This is the colour that then goes into the .range file that you opened in Notepad.

In the Lot Area Table, just click on the Open Ranges button and load in the saved file – the parcels areas will be set up and coloured the way you want them