Point Group Commands – Setting the Accuracy of Outputs

There are numerous comparison tools in the Point Group Commands in Stringer Topo, including:

  • Point-to-point comparison
  • Point-to-Surface comparison
  • Point-to-Surface comparison with alignment chainage and offset

For each of these reports, there is a file that controls the accuracy (number of decimal places) in the output.

If you start Windows Explorer and navigate to where the Stringer Topo settings live (C:\ProgramData\CSS\Stringer 2018 for Stringer Topo V18) you can edit the file named surfacemodel_output.smo.

Contents of the file are as follows:

<ptnum>,PT NUM,





<SURFElev>,Des Elev,3

<PTELEV>,Pt Elev,3


<CLELEV>,CL Elev,3

<Code>,Pt Code, 

In the above settings, the easting and northing will display to 3 decimal places, whilst the chainage and offset reporting of an alignment will show 2 decimal places.

Edit the file and re-run the reports to generate outputs with different accuracy. 

This will make a copy of that code – double click in the code and change the code to what you require