Stringer Survey

With Stringer Survey Suite you can turn your current Civil 3D, AutoCAD and BricsCAD into a fully fledged survey application. Stringer Survey Suite represents a comprehensive collection of products to service the surveying industry. 

Stringer Topo – Field-to-Finish Topographical Surveys

Stringer Topo has been developed for the Australian surveying industry to facilitate the reduction and presentation of survey observations inside your drawing, whether you’re using AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D or BricsCAD. Developed by surveyors with over 20 years experience in the industry, Stringer focuses on maximizing your efficiency in adding and editing breaklines using point data directly in the drawing.

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Stringer ASpec

Stringer supports the ASpec ‘as built’ asset standards adopted by Councils throughout Australia.  Stringer DSpec and Stringer RSpec are two products that support the ASpec standards for data recording and creation of a GIS data file in the required structure and format.

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Stringer ePlan

Stringer ePlan enables attribution and enumeration of your CAD drawing objects for upload to the ePlan digital title plan lodgement format, for direct digital plan lodgement to all state land title authorities supporting ePlan (such as Land Titles Office Victoria, Land & Property Information NSW and the Queensland government land titles office). 

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Stringer Lot Utilities

Stringer Lot Utilities is a FREE utility built for Civil 3D for submission to government authorities and for development plans. Stringer Lot Utilities enhances the parcel design tools in Civil 3D with lot labelling based on segment lengths, parcel corner angle labelling and creation of developer plan tables based on parcel areas.

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CSD Siteworks

CSD Siteworks (operating inside AutoCAD or BricsCAD Pro) provides surface creation functionality, enhanced surface analysis tools, 3D model visualisation, surface sharing for comparisons, as well as output of alignments, long sections and cross sections.  CSD Siteworks is also the perfect companion product to Stringer Topo for surveyors, expanding the survey capabilities through to traditional site engineering outputs.

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