CSD Siteworks: Surface Volumes, Alignments, Long and Cross Section Outputs

CSD Siteworks (operating inside AutoCAD or BricsCAD Pro) provides surface creation functionality, enhanced surface analysis tools, 3D model visualisation, surface sharing for comparisons, as well as output of alignments, long sections and cross sections.  CSD Siteworks is also the perfect companion product to Stringer Topo for surveyors, expanding the survey capabilities through to traditional site engineering outputs.

Ribbon Release

CSD Siteworks provided the following benefits:

  • Fully integrated with Stringer Topo surfaces
  • Create surfaces from 3D data in the drawing and point files
  • Calculate volumes and analyse volume surfaces
  • Generate long and cross sections anywhere across your surfaces
  • Analyse your model in 3D incluidng image/material rendering
  • Combine multi data surfaces into one base surface for comparison
  • Share surface data between drawings, giving you the ability to bring together multiple surveys into the same drawing for surface comparison
  • Use satellite imagery and online terrain data
  • View point clouds and create surfaces from cloud data
  • Add labels to the surface and enquire information
Generate section sheets