Stringer ePlan: Digital Title Plans

Deliver Digital Title Plan Lodgement in Australia

Stringer ePlan enables attribution and enumeration of your CAD drawing objects for upload to the ePlan digital title plan lodgement format, for direct digital plan lodgement to all state land title authorities supporting ePlan (such as Land Titles Office Victoria, Land & Property Information NSW and the Queensland government land titles office). 

Stringer ePlan turns your drawing objects into fully enumerated survey data describing radiations, points and parcels, and outputs directly to a LandXML file for submission to your state’s Land Titles Office. Digital title plan lodgement is being implemented throughout the Australian states and capital territories – this is a LandXML based format to digitally describe existing and new parcels of land suitable to approve subdivision and issue certificate of title.

Stringer ePlan will support small, medium and large subdivisions, enumerating your CAD drawing data directly. 

The Project Information tab allows youto set up the project details such as job number, surveyor, survey purpose, jurisdiction, head of power and more. Our Import ePlan tool will allow you to bring in other ePlan compliant LandXML data, already fully attributed for you to edit and add to.

You can enumerate parcels, points (monuments) and segments, with input fields being read from your state jurisdiction schema.  

If you are working with Civil 3D Parcel objects, you can extract out the parcel geometry to use for ePlan parcel enumeration.  In AutoCAD, any closed polyline can be converted into a parcel and be assigned the information required.  When a parcel is selected for editing, each segment of the parcel can be attributed with the segment purpose, intent, actual and assigned bearing/distance.

Monument creation is automated on the parcel segments, and can then be selected and enumerated.

Importantly, all parcels and monuments can be listed for review before sending.

Once the data is created, attributed and ready for sending, just click on Export LandXML to generate an ePlan compliant LandXML file for submission to your titles office.