Stringer Lot Utilities: Improving Civil 3D Parcel Drafting and Outputs

Stringer Lot Utilities is a FREE utility built for Civil 3D for submission to government authorities and for development plans. Stringer Lot Utilities enhances the parcel design tools in Civil 3D with lot labelling based on segment lengths, parcel corner angle labelling and creation of developer plan tables based on parcel areas.


Stringer Lot Utilities includes:

  • Automated labelling styles applied based on line/arc lengths including COGO point setout at all parcel corners
  • Corner angle labelling of all parcels, and
  • Creation of lot area tables for developer plans, including solid colour hatching of parcels based on the area ranges. You set the area ranges and Lot Utilities generates a table of lots for each area, both totals and %.

Significantly reduce documentation time and quickly generate developer plans in an AutoCAD table.