Stringer ASpec V19.01 Release Notes

Stringer ASpec V19.01 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V19 license. 

All susbscriptions customers will have access to their Stringer Aspec V19 license key/s from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal.  If you have any issues accessing the portal or any issues with finding/applying your license activation key, please email to or call 1300 254 004 (Australia).

Stringer ASpec

  • Stringer ASpec has been updated to work on the Civil 3D 2019 and AutoCAD 2019 (including AutoCAD derivatives) platforms.
  • Fixes/Improvements
    • An issue with the export failing, if no COGO points were in the drawing, has been addressed
    • The point description can contain the attribute data which will then be automatically assigned when selected as a DSpec, RSpec or OSpec enumerated object.  Details on how this works:
      • Point descriptions must contain the following format: [FieldName] [Value],[FieldName] [Value],etc.  The field name is separated from the value by a space, and fields are separated by a comma in the description
      • An example description of ‘Pit,Pit_No 25,St_Name Cherry Street,Type JP would automatically populate the Pit Number (Pit_No) as 25, the Street Name (St_Name) as Cherry Street and the Pit Type (Type) as JP upon enumeration
    • In Beta mode is functionality to create ACDC compliant data (blocks with attributes) for lodgement to the ACDC validation system adopted by some Councils.  For information on using this new functionality please refer to this readme document.