Stringer ePlan – New Multiple Parcels Function

 Stringer ePlan has added a new function to its already impressive list of commands when creating an XML file for digital lodgment.

The latest version of the software is available in the subscriptions portal for those who have purchased. If you are looking at trialing the software you can click on the Stringer ePlan text below and download the software from this site.

Stringer ePlan

This is the new look ribbon with the new function added below.

StringerePlanRibbon 20170207

Once you select the icon highlighted in red above, you have 2 options to select the parcels
1. Select them manually in order
2. Type in F (Fence) in the command line and then drawing a polyline in the direction you want to enumerate the parcels in.

  • Option No1
    Select Obects
    When using the select object function, you need to go around and manually select all the polylines/bpoly’s in the order you want to enumerate the parcels.
    If you are making new proposed parcels and you just want to add a lot number say 57, once you have finished enumerating that parcel and click save and exit, the next parcel form will automatically pop up with the lot number 58 already filled out. Every time you close the form it will increment to the next number.

It will only increment on numbers not alpha numeric numbers e.g. E1 or 1/DP123456 etc.

  • Option No2
    Fence selection
    When the command line says select objects – type F in the command line and you will be able to draw a Fence (polyline) over the parcels you want selected and they will pop up in that order. Draw the polyline in the direction of the parcel numbers required.

Make sure you start the Fence (polyline) outside the first parcel required so it starts at the first parcel.
If you start the Fence inside the first parcel, the first parcel will be the second parcel and the second parcel will be the first parcel but all the other parcels will pop up in the right order

This option has now made making parcels even faster again and easier to enumerate multiple parcels at once.
The form will now also keep the last entered options so if they are all the same parcel action, you can just change what you need and it will be the same for the next one.

It will make doing parcels that are Adjoining, Existing or Proposed better as you can do the same type all at once.
Do all proposed parcels first, then do all adjoining and then do all existing parcels as you won’t have to change the form each time.

This is a great addition to the functions required for Stringer ePlan