Stringer ePlan V19.01 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V19.01 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V19 license.  Following installation you will be placed on a 30 day evaluation and require a V19 license key for permenant/extended usage.  All subscription customers automatically receive V19 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal.

Stringer ePlan

  • Fixes/Improvements
    • All
      • The Enumerate Segments command now includes a button to create the segment and click in the drawing to create another segment with the same settings
      • When a new Parcel is created using the Multiple Parcels command, the parcel name is adopted from the Plan Number (input in the Project Settings) is included with a parcel number, incrementing as each parcel is selected.
      • The ePlan Annotations form pick list of Type has been widened to show the full width of all inputs
      • When the Multi Parcel command is used, the parcel name automatically increments the parcel number (eg: 200\PS123456 for one parcel, and the next will prefill with name 201\PS123456)
      • MGA2020 is now supported as a coordinate system
    • Victoria
      • Fixed a problem with Parcel Linkages losing the added linkages when the form was saved or the ePlan export was executed
      • The Parcel Linkages, Parcel Use dropdown has been widened to show the full width of the inputs
    • Civil 3D platform users
      • Having non-ePlan COGO points in the drawing would prevent the ePlan XML output from processing.  This has now been addressed – only ePlan related COGO points are included in the ePlan XML export process.
      • After deleting ePlan points and segments, Stringer ePlan will flag an issue with segment/s that don’t have points at both ends and offer to remove the segment.  This was causing the software to generate a repeated error message.
  • Known issues
    • Only one drawing should be open at the time of ePlan XML export, to prevent other drawing objects from being included in the export
    • Victoria
      • Currently Enumerate Segments does not support arcs in the polyline.  This would need to be manually edited in the output .xml if required.