Stringer Topo V23.01 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V23.01 includes fixes and updates in response to customer feedback.

Platform Support

Stringer Topo V23.01 is available for:

  • AutoCAD 2018 to AutoCAD 2023
  • Civil 3D 2018 to Civil 3D 2023
  • BricsCAD V22 and BricsCAD V21

Licensing Information

Stringer Topo V23.01 requires a Civil Survey Solutions V23 license for operation beyond the evaluation period.  All subscription customers automatically receive V23 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Customer Centre.

Network License Customers | IMPORTANT INFORMATION

We are in the process of changing our licensing system for Stringer Topo to allow greater flexibility for customers in the future. As such, the new Stringer Topo V23 is currently only available as a single user/standalone license.

To enable Stringer Topo customers who have multi user/network licensing to upgrade to Stringer Topo V23, we will provide enough single user/standalone licenses to cover the entire workforce until such time as the multi user/network license is available.

If you are a customer with multi user/network Stringer Topo and would like to upgrade to Stringer Topo V23, please email and he will organise the single user/standalone licenses for you.

Side-by-Side Installation with Previous Stringer Topo Versions

The previous Stringer Topo (Stringer Topo Legacy) has been updated to operate side-by-side with Stringer Topo V23. During installation you will have an opportunity to add the Stringer Topo Legacy ribbon to your installation. This will add the Stringer Topo ribbon and all functionality will be available.

Note that there is a new command included in Stringer Topo Legacy called ‘Enable Dynamics’. In order to maintain performance in Stringer Topo V23, some dynamics have been disabled in Stringer Topo Legacy. If it is intended to use only the legacy tools for a session, you can click Enable Dynamics to turn on all event reactors for the legacy commands.

Video Resources

A summary of the new functionality and workflows can be found in the Youtube video links below:

Migration Resources

Stringer Topo V23 comes with migration tools to facilitate transfer of your current Stringer Topo settings across to Stringer Topo V23. The processes are slightly different between AutoCAD/BricsCAD and Civil 3D users, mainly because AutoCAD/BricsCAD users also manage the COGO point display.

Click on this link to learn more about the migration processes: Stringer V23 Migration Tools

Improvements and Fixes

  • The Stringer Welcome Screen links have been updated to point to current Youtube and other video content
  • Additional commands have been added to the ribbon for to support direct access to the most common string edits:
    • STTA – Arc tangential curve from first to second point
    • STTC – Close a String from last to first point
    • STTR – Create a rectangle from 3 points in a survey String
    • STTL – Return to straight line connection between points
    • STTO – Reorder Distance to Next
    • STTS – Reorder by A.I.
    • STTD – Delete Segment
  • The Nikon .RAW file is now supported in the Import and Reduce command. Previously, selecting this file format would not process correctly for editing and import

Known Issues

  • Starting Import 12da or Import CivilCAD and cancelling the command will have undesired results.