Stringer Topo V18.12 Release Notes

There have been no changes to licensing from the Stringer V18.01 release.  If updates from a previous V18 release, there are no changes to licensing.

Stringer Topo

  • Fixes
    • Fixed issues with the line label tools not using the drawing settings (units and angles)
  • Improvements
    • Ribbon interface improved for BricsCAD users.  Rearranged some of the tabs and included new commands.  Labels in the Cadastral tab is now a big split menu item and includes the new Parcel Number and Area label commands
  • Added a new command in the Stringer Settings dropdown to Open Settings Folder.  This opens to where the settings files for Stringer Topo are located
  • The Break/Join Strings button has a dropdown with two commands
    • Delete Line Segment: this will allow selection of a string segment to be removed.  The next points in the string are automatically renumbered and restrung to result in a ‘break’ in ths string
    • Join Codes: this will allow you to pick two separate strings (by selecting the end and start points on each String).  The second point selected, and all points with the same code and string number, are renamed and renumbered to match the first point selected.  The points are restrung to form one single string (joining the strings together)
  • Include a large command button on the ribbon for adding labels to lines and closed polylines:
    • The Auto Label command uses the units and angles as set in your drawing.  You can now separately control the bearing and distance information, and there is more control over arc labels
    • A new Lot Area and Number label has been added.  Select a closed polyline to add lot number and area text at the centroid.
  • Included the core output commands in the Utilities dropdown panel
    • Extract points (aka Extract Point Attributes) to convert the intelligent point data to simple blocks and text
    • Extract Surface to extract out the contours, triangles and other surface display elements as standard CAD objects
    • Extract Boundary to extract a 2D polyline bounding the surface triangles