Stringer Topo V19.02 for BricsCAD – Message about unable to load SA_Stringer.lsp

Following installation of Stringer Topo V19.02 the following message may display on the commandline during startup of BricsCAD:

LOAD failed: ‘C:Program FilesCSSStringer CAD 2018ProgramsSA_STRINGER.lsp

This message will only display for customers who updated from Stringer Topo V18 versions.  The message displays because we added instructions in the file on_doc_load.lsp (located in C:\Program Files\Bricsys\BricsCAD V18 en_US\Support) to load SA_Stringer.lsp.

You can either delete the on_doc_load.lsp file (if there is nothing else in the file) or you can edit the file.  You need to open the file in Notepad and remove all instances of the following text:


(setq sAcadLisp4 “C:\\Program Files\\CSS\\Stringer CAD 2018\\Programs\\SA_STRINGER.lsp”)
(load sAcadLisp4)