Stringer Topo V20.10 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V20.10 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V20 license.  Following installation you will be placed on a 30 day evaluation and require a V20 license key for permenant/extended usage.  All subscription customers automatically receive V20 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal.

Stringer Topo

  • Improvements/Changes
  • Due to renewed customer Interest the following commands have been added back into stringer:
    • Set Scale Factor (SetSF)
    • Write Scale Factor as Text (WSF)
    • Horizontal distance from map to plane (HDG)
    • Convert from Grid to Plane using the current Scale Factor (BRDG)
  • For AutoCAD/BricsCAD users
    • The Validate Codes command has an option at the bottom to create an entry in the Stringer Settings for missing codes – users can pick to copy another Code in the settings to create the entry
  • Known Issues
    • When using Compare Lines, ensure that you pick a line after selecting the Pick Line button or an error may occur
    • When using 12d Export, ensure that all Point Groups are up-to-date before running the command or an error may occur
    • For AutoCAD/BricsCAD users
      • If using the command line to run Stringer, the first command run after opening the application will not update the surface. The next command run will.