Stringer Topo V21.10 Release Notes

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Stringer Topo V21.10 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V21 license.  Following installation you will be placed on a 30 day evaluation and require a V21 license key for permanent/extended usage.  All subscription customers automatically receive V21 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Centre.

New Features

Pack Mode

Stringer v21.10 includes a new option for storing your Surface Data.

This new mode of storage allows the surface and model viewer data to be stored directly inside the drawing, offering significant benefits for portability of your design, simplifying version control and facilitating seamless sharing with document management systems.

For more information on how to operate Pack Mode, please refer to the following User Guide.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Resolved issue where symbols where not coming through on the selected layer
  • Resolved issue where 3d breaklines where not being added to the surface
  • The ‘Join Selection’ (JS) command now works as instructed
  • The ‘Join by codes’ (JBC) command now works as instructed
  • Duplicate points will no longer be renamed when running ‘Point to point comparison’.
  • Edits made within ‘Stringer Settings Parameters’ (strsts) are now accurately reflected in the drawing when ‘Join All Codes’ (JAC) is run
  • Moving a point will now update the surface correctly provided ‘Dynamic Surface’ is ticked on
  • When creating points, selecting ‘Prompt for description’ will retain the last used code unless manually changed
  • Running ‘Replace Codes’ now no longer changes the description of trees
  • Resolved the issue where the license key could sometimes not be located

Known Issues

  • When starting a new drawing, you need to give it a saved location before performing any Stringer commands.