Stringer Topo V22.00 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V22.0 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V22 license.  Following installation, you will be placed on a 30 day evaluation and require a V22 license key for permanent/extended usage.  All subscription customers automatically receive V22 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Centre.

Improvements & Fixes

  • Released for Civil 3D 2022 & AutoCAD 2022.
  • Resolved issue with Traverse Editor causing crashes when being operated.
  • Resolved issue where breaklines using ‘Multi-coded points’, were being reported as Crossing Breaklines.
  • Draw Cadastral Lines now correctly applies the elevation to new points.
  • Compare Points/Lines (COMP) no longer causes the software to crash when exiting the command early.
  • The Stringing Tool, Join Selection (JS), now correctly creates the string for the selected Strings.
  • Command Join Point Number Range (JPNR) now correctly Strings the entered Point Range.

Known Issues

  • When starting a new drawing. The user needs to save before performing any Stringer commands or the software will crash.
  • When using ‘Multi Code Segment’ Exiting the command before selecting the second point will bring up an error message. The user can safely exit the error window that appears.