Stringer Topo V25.00 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V25.00 includes fixes and updates in response to customer feedback.

Platform Support

Stringer Topo V25.00 is available for:

  • AutoCAD 2019 to AutoCAD 2024
  • Civil 3D 2019 to Civil 3D 2024
  • BricsCAD V22 to BricsCAD V24

New Licensing System

A new licensing system has been introduced from Stringer V25 to support all Civil Survey Applications and provide an enhanced user experience.

If you are upgrading from Stringer V24 or earlier, please ensure you have the license activation and login details to activate your new license.  The assigned Subscription Manager has been issued activation key/s and login details.Please see the following link for information on the installation and activation of your products in the new licensing system:


We have found that the software ‘Nahimic’ may prevent Model Viewer from displaying – the installation of Nahimic creates a conflict in Eyeshot (the graphics engine we use in Model Viewer).

If Model Viewer will not open, please check if Nahimic is installed. If so, updating Nahimic may resolve the issue. Uninstalling it will resolve the issue.

Nahimic software provides enhanced audio (typically for gamers) and is commonly installed with gaming laptops. More information about Nahimic can be found here:

New Features

  • New QLM Licensing Interface
  • New Commands
    • Traverse Editor 
      • Adjustment Methods
        • Bowditch 
        • Transit 
        • Crandall 
        • Grant Line
    • Point Inquiry Tool
      • Added a new enquiry tool to report differences between two selected points
    • Excel Connect.  Export points to Excel, edit and import to upside COGO points.  Commands include:
      • Excel Export.  Export point geometry and properties to Excel
      • Excel Import.  Import Excel to update COGO Points
      • Excel Sync.  Update COGO Points from the Excel Link/s
      • Excel Viewer.  View and edit Excel files.
  • Point Groups
    • 2D Transformation Tools. New point transformation tools (move, scale, rotate, offset) have been added to the Point Group editing commands.
    • Added an ESRI GIS Export to Point Groups, including Point Properties as set in the Point Group Properties list.


  • Improved speed and performance 
  • Surface Manager
    • Surface boundaries can now be applied to survey surfaces (created via point groups) by setting Design Code combinations to exclude.  This enables immediate and accurate trimming of built models, where common codes have been included
    • Boundary retraction is now included in the Boundaries tab, to enable maximum triangle length controls to be applied working from outside triangles to form boundaries
    • The above can be set as defaults for when new surfaces are created


  • (ACAD/BCAD) If the user creates points through any Stringer method without a Point Code Set, it will cause points to be invisible within the drawing. 
  • Fixed error opening Pack Mode temp folder, when the folder directory did not exist