How to Add Bing Maps to AutoCAD Civil3D

  • Open a new drawing
  • Go to the Settings tab in the Toolspace
  • Right click on the drawing name and click on Edit Drawing Settings.
  • Set the co-ord system you require (i set the Victorian one so i got all of Victoria to show not just the MGA-55 Zone.)


  • Make sure you are signed into Autodesk 360
  • Then in the command line type in GEOGRAPHICLOCATION
  • Set Location from – Select MAP
  • You will get this form showing up in Civil3D


  • Type in the Address required at the top (make sure you add what state and country you are in)
  • It will then zoom to that address for you


  • Then click on the next button at the bottom right
  • Select the GIS Coordinate System you want – in our case here we want GDA94, VictoriaGrid


  • Make sure you set the right time zone and click next
  • The GeographicLocation will ask you to select a point for location (It seems if you hit enter on the keyboard, it won’t add the pictures), draw a line with the co-ords required at the end of the line and click onto the end of that line to get the correct coordinates for adding the picture to civil3D
  • In the command line make sure you type in 0d so the data comes in up the right way.
  • Now you have all the tiles for Victoria showing in the correct position.


  • As you zoom in and out the clarity of the image will update and be nice and sharpe unless you have zoomed in too far.
  • When on the Geolocation Tab, you can change the view from Map Aerial to Map Road, Map Hybrid or Map Off. Have a look and see what you think.