Monument Points List Form

Double click to open the Points form for Editing

When using the Monument Points List function you have 2 options for selection

  1. Selection via a window of the individual Points you want to look at OR
  2. Type in All in the command line and all the Points in the drawing will get selected in the drawing and then opened in the listing form

Once the Monument Points List form is showing it will look like this 

Monument Points List Form

Once you select the Point that you want to look at, it will zoom to that Point in the drawing for you so you know if it is the right one or not. Since you are in this form and you know which Point you want to edit, if you now DOUBLE CLICK on the Point in question, it will now open the individual Point form for you to edit.

This has come about from the many user having to validate their XML files and then need to make amendments to a Point as some enumerations needed changing. So instead of having to close down the Monument Points List form and then reselect the individual Point itself, we can now double click on any Pointl in the list and the editing of the single Point form will come up for editing as shown below

Monument Points List Form - Individual Point 

Once you click the Save and Exit button on the Points form it will return you to the Monument Points List form for you to edit any more if required.

This will make editing after XML validation that much faster.