Re-arranging Ribbon Panel Order

If you have a Ribbon Tab and you want to be able to rearrange the order of the panels because the install put them in a different order than you are used to, here is how to freely move the Panels to how you want them.

• Type in CUI in the command line
• Change All Customised Files to stringerc3d2016.cuix
• Expand out Ribbon
• Expand out Tabs
• Click on Stringer
• On the right hand side you will see a General Heading
• Under that will be Display Text and Contextual Display Type
• Change the Contextual Display Type to FULL WITH FOCUS
• So it should read
– Stringer
– Full with Focus
– Add to Workspaces
– Merge or add tab
• Click OK and get out of the CUIX.
• Click on the Stringer Tab
• Left Click and hold the panel name and drag the panel to the position you require in the ribbon
• Do this to as many panels as you want and the order you require them in

Panels are now arranged you want them. If you want to do this to other panels as well make sure the Full with Focus is set to the Contextual Display Type and then you can drag the panels to anywhere on the ribbon.

If you don’t want the panels to move after you have rearranged them, then go and change the Full with Focus back to Merged and then they can’t be moved again.