Stringer ePlan – 1 Drawing at a Time

The most important thing when using Stringer ePlan in AutoCAD Civil3D, AutoCAD/MAP3D or BricsCAD is

  • to only have 1 drawing open at a time

In the CAD packages you can have somewhere up to 9 or more drawings open at once when doing normal plans.

If you are using Stringer ePlan you will only be allowed to have 1 drawing open at a time.

If you have more than 1 drawing open of stringer ePlan with enumerations on the data, that data from the other opened file can sometimes then be added to the XML file on export of the drawing you are actually in and therefore not show the right outcome for that export. 

We will be looking into this further down the track once the ePlan systems starts to take off but for now this is a MUST.

1 Drawing at a Time