Stringer Survey V18.01 – New Release (31/10/2017)

Stringer Survey

For this release we will now have Stringer Topo and Stringer ePlan install the latest version on the following Platforms

Civil3D 2016-2018

AutoCAD 2016-2018

BricsCAD V17

Once the ASpec programs are converted they will be part of the one install for each platform as well.

Updated Licensing System and New License Keys

This release is available to all current Subscription customers. A new license key is required for this installation.

Download from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal

License activation has simplified and now includes user license return functionality for standalone licenses (for the same license to be activated on a nother machine). If you have a net work license, you will need to download and install the new network licensing system.

Full details for installation and licensing are contained in the Licensing and Installation Guide

Full details for installationDownload access for the workstation and the network licensing system are available from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal


This install for AutoCAD/AutoCAD Map3D and Civil3D will detect what version is installed on your machine and install that version for you.

It will also ask you if you want to install

  • Stringer Topo
  • Stringer ePlan

You can install either of them or both and on as many versions as you like.

The other thing with this build is that all 3 Platforms (2016 2017 & 2018) will have the same Stringer version installed.

Stringer Topo

Civil3D items fixed

  • Renumber Strings from a Start Number – It makes you select the points in the drawing to renumber from. This used to just renumber everything and NO selection was necessary
  • Add New Multiple Codes – When it creates the new string it doesn’t show the new string code on the first point selected, it is only shows it on the second one
  • Edit Multiple Point Codes – when you randomly select the points off the screen and they are different codes, they will all get changed to the first code that is selected and not keep the original code that was on the screen
  • BRDD – it comes up with an Error: quit/exit abort even though the other Stringer xtra commands work
  • BRD – it comes up with an Error: quit/exit abort even though the other Stringer xtra commands work

AutoCAD/BricsCAD items fixed

  • BricsCAD/AutoCAD – Edit Multiple Point codes – when you select a range of points with different descriptions e.g. 60340 & 60311 – in the form when it comes up it only shows 60340 for all the points – The raw description does not match the display in the drawing.
  • BricsCAD/AutoCAD -Draw Cadastral Lines – If I type in a bearing, it will add the first bearing and distance to the screen, but when I do the second and subsequent lines it won’t change the line shown on the screen and then the line gets added the same as the first all time no matter what you change the bearings and distances too. 
  • BricsCAD/AutoCAD – Stringer xtra’s – When you double click on a command in the form to start that command, it will cause a fatal error. 
  • BricsCAD/AutoCAD – Block rotation on Import  not being used
  • BricsCAD /AutoCAD –Make new Points – When you add a new point into the drawing and then decide to delete that point, it deletes it off the screen but doesn’t remove the details from the drawing. Deleted but not deleted as the contours stay the same after the deletion as well. 

Stringer ePlan

This is the latest version with the following done

Items Fixed – NSW

  • –    Enumerate Segment: To reverse a bearing for Reference marks, Double click on the “From 50 to 36” label and the bearing will flip 180d.
  • –    Enumerate Parcel: Making Irregular Boundary with traverseIf you have ticked on the Irregular boundary box and made the Segment Purpose CONNECTION it will get added to the XML as both a boundary and a Traverse.
  • –    Project Settings: When doing a COMPILED plan for ePlan no monuments are required. When we do an export at the moment there is a monument tag being added to the file, this has been removed
  • –    Enumerate Segment:The issue is that the FieldNote is being recorded as an attribute of the ReducedOb. It should be a sub element. This has been rectified

Items Fixed – VIC

  • We need to have Volume Folio for all types of parcels in Enumerate Parcel tool. At the moment you can enter Volume Folio only for extinguished parcels. However, in boundary plans, we need to assign Vol/Fol to the existing lots.
  • We need to support plans in Local coordinates. In this case, in the project settings, we should be able to select “Local” in the drop down in addition to MGA94_ Zone54 and Zone55. If we select local, the exported XML should look like this:
  • We need to support {Freehold(Part)} in our ePlans. For this case, you need to replace the current schema with these two files. We had sent this to you previously. If you replace these two files with old ones, you will see Freehold (Part) in <add Links>  

Improvements added

  • –    List Functions: All the list functions can now double click on an item in the list and the individual form will show up on the screen to edit that Parcel, Monument Point, COGO Point and Segment. This will make making changes from the validation upload even faster in the software. Feels really good upon editing from the list.
  • –     List Functions: If you type in ALL in the command line for any of the list functions it will get everything in the drawing without having to select it on the screen for each different object.
  • Stringer ePlan INSTALL: When you install with the new version you will get 2016, 2017 & 2018 being installed all at once and all having the same version. This will be for AutoCAD, Civil3D and BricsCAD from here on