Stringer Topo V20.00 Release Notes

Stringer Topo V20.00 uses a Civil Survey Solutions V20 license.  Following installation you will be placed on a 30 day evaluation and require a V20 license key for permenant/extended usage.  All subscription customers automatically receive V20 license keys which can be obtained from the Civil Survey Solutions Subscription Portal.

Stringer Topo

  • Stringer Topo  has been updated to work on the Civil 3D 2020, AutoCAD 2020 (including AutoCAD derivatives) and BricsCAD V19 platforms.
  • When exporting points to CSV files from Point Groups command, users can now type the Number of Decimal Places for coordinates in the command line.
  • The surface engine has been redeveloped for BricCAD and AutoCAD and surface name will now add a prefix of “STR-“ before it.
  • When creating COGO Points, it now has the option to get elevation from current surface in the elevation settings.
  • Model Viewer improved across all platforms
    • More default objects available
    • Ability to import 3DS and OBJ files
    • Extrusions: use polylines to represent buildings and fences