Stringer Topo – Validate Codes – New Addition

Stringer Topo for BricsCAD V16 & V17 as well as AutoCAD 2016 & 2017 has been updated .

The Stringer Topo command Validate Codes has been amended to allow users to automatically add missing codes from the list to Stringer Settings.

First of all, click on the Validate Codes button in the ribbon

Then the codes in the form unAssociated Codes will show up in the display 

ValidateCodes 1

Then click on the code you require to be added to the Stringer Settings form and the form at the bottom will say

“Add Code to Correlation Table” as shown below

ValidateCodes 2

Click on the Add to Correlation Table – It will let you know that you have to select another code, that this code is going to be something like that (in otherwords pick a code to copy)

Click OK to Select Existing Record to Emulate, Then press Accept

Once you have done that click on a code that is the same as the one you are making and click OK as shown below

ValidateCodes 3

You can now select the code to copy and click on the Accept Button

It will now tell you that you are added to Stringer Settings as shown below

ValidateCodes 4

Now you will need to go and open Stringer Settings as the new code will be at the bottom of the list.

It will have copied the code you selected which you now need to edit to suit for this code being created.

ValidateCodes 5 

For new customers this should make adding new codes to Stringer Settings that much easier during the editing stage of your Job.